Staying Safe Online

Before you start

All jobs on zobjobs include a url so you can check out the company first
Be mindful of any personal information you give out
If you have become aware of any job that looks suspicious please tell us
You can contact us or raise a report which is located at the top of every job page.

1. Too good to be true?

If a job looks too good to be true then it probably is.
A good sign for this is seeing the salary seems overinflated

2. Contact Information

Most people looking for a job try to make it as easy as possible for employers to get in touch with them.
This could mean providing contact information including contact numbers, home addresses, a personal emails, etc.
Create an email address solely for your job search, a full date of birth shouldn't be necessary & you should ask why it is needed.
Always Limit the contact information you offer.

3. Sharing Your Resume

Looking for a job can feel like a numbers game.
As said above limit the personal information on the CV
but state that you are willing to give more information on request as long as you trust the receiver
Check what companies are using your CVs for ,read the small print.

4. Social Media

Looking to your personal network for job leads and support can be appealing when you’re hunting for work.
However, you should be careful about who you tell you’re job seeking while you’re still employed at your current company.
Your Employer may not be so excited about you looking for new employment. To stay safe, be careful about what you share with your network on social media.

5. Keep a Log

While distributing your CV it is important to keep a record of who has it.
Once you have gained employment revisit them sites and ensure that your data has been removed.

6. Email Scams

Be vigilant of emails dropping into your inbox.
Ensure they have come from where they say.
If it is poorly written or makes an unreasonable request this should raise alarm bells.

8. Don't pay!

No one should be asking for any payment for any service for you to be employed
If a company truely values you and your skills they would be wanting to pay you not the other way round

9. Identity Theft

If you don't give it they can't use it.
Be smart with your data

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