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Have you ever wanted to not just click “File->New Project…”, but “File->New company…”? This is your chance to be part of a development team from the very beginning. We’re looking for flexible and creative developers who thrive on solving novel problems, enjoy learning new technologies, and find delight when their code makes others smile.
This role is for a back-end focused .NET generalist. You’ll be responsible for building our internal data systems, exposing them as APIs, and wiring up integrations with third-parties by making API calls, receiving webhooks, and managing message queues. Since the team is very small, and we all pinch hit for each other, at least some modest experience with web development or other client development is strongly preferred. Within those parameters, you’ll have an early opportunity to influence the rest of the architecture, including the details of our cloud architecture, framework & data systems selection, as well as to help define our team’s engineering culture.
Joylab wants to help people smile. We hope to create enduring + beloved brands, build large + profitable businesses, and be a force for progress in the lives of our customers, teammates, suppliers, communities, and investors. We’re aiming to do so by reimagining quick service restaurants ground up, with technology in mind. We seek to create a better experience for customers and associates, deliver superior, sustainable economics, and build loyalty in a differentiated way.
• At least 8 years of experience building back-end data systems for a variety of scenarios, including API design and integrations with third-party systems.
• Deep understanding of data structures and algorithms. Ability to picture what’s happening behind the scenes of a data system. Good judgment in selecting the right data system for a given workload. Ability to performance tune as we learn more about our system and the behavior of our data.
• Fluent in C# and at least one other modern systems programming language (Java, Python, Ruby, C/C++, JavaScript, Rust, Swift, Kotlin, etc). We expect to be a polyglot engineering program as we grow, so having a passion for languages and an understanding of their tradeoffs is great.
• Ability to design clear, consistent data models for varying domains and implement corresponding APIs.
• Experience integrating with third party services via APIs, webhooks, and message queues.
• Strong sense of collaboration. We each have an area of responsibility and we all have to work closely together to deliver an amazing end-to-end result that none of us could have built alone.
Additional information
Joylab is an equal opportunity employer and encourages people from all backgrounds to apply. Should you have a disability or special need that requires accommodation, please let us know

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