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Job Description

Job Description
• **Please include candidate email on resume for coding test*** Every submitted candidate will be required to take the codility test.
React Developer
The Client Digital team is in search of a senior React developer who will play a key role in the development and maintenance of an enterprise application used to manage to the companys daily activities and business.
PROJECT: The resources under this Job posting will be working to support Covid 19 Product suite. There will be multiple projects throughout the journey.
IDEAL BACKGROUND: The ideal candidate will meet the requirements described in the posting. More so, we are looking for candidates to have a solid REACTJS background with some good examples of projects and successes they had. The ideal candidate will have some experience in React Native, aka mobile implementation.
• ** What experience will set candidates apart from one another? Probably skilled in implementing in desktop and converting same implementation into mobile apps.
LOCATION: We are open for 100% remote. However, those that wish to be converted to FTE may need to be in one of our offices, MN or NJ, at some point.
Tech Stack
- Node.js
- Javascript/Typescript
- React
- React Native
- Experience developing, releasing, and maintaining production-quality web apps and mobile apps (preferably with React and React Native).
- Expertise in building and consuming REST APIs
- Ability to troubleshoot production issues in unfamiliar code
- Strong understanding of modern vanilla JavaScript (ES6+).
- Experience using ESLint strongly desired.
- Ability to write well-documented, clean Javascript code.
- Experience building out React components, using hooks and working with component lifecycle.
- Rock solid at working with third-party dependencies and debugging dependency conflicts.
- Familiarity with native build tools, like XCode and Android Studio.
- Experience using Git, including the abilities to commit code, work with merge conflicts and comprehend industry standard Git workflows required.
- GraphQL development experience desired.
- Ability to learn highly-custom application codebases quickly, with support from team members.
- Understanding of Agile/Scrum methodologies
Candidate Interview pre-screening approach
Due to technical nature of this role, Client Tech will be pre-screening eligible candidates by administrating a custom coding test via Codility (https://www.codility.com)
The invite to the test will be sent to eligible candidates via email. Please note: The test will be timed for duration of 3 hours, with 3 tasks to complete. The test results will be evaluated by out SMEs and next steps will be taken based on results
Where is the work to be performed? Remote start, but MN 051 location after all are back in the offices.
What does the team make-up look like This will be a new, small scrum team composed of 2 developers , QE and team lead.
What are the work hours? Standard work hours 9 AM -5:00 PM
What does the interview process look like?
a. How many rounds? multiple with multiple panelists. Assumption: the candidates will be referred to us will be pre-screened.
b. Video vs. phone? video /remote
c. How technical will the interviews be? very technical, focus on Job req specifics. May include hands on exercise

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