Frequently Asked Questions

A. You can subscribe to on most page results or jobs
 * Subscriptions can be managed frm the email or from your console

A. This is easy. Just click on the social media network you wish to share with.

A. Click on the sad icon face at the top of the job page
  & click on the reason best suited to the problem.

A. Job postings are a premium feature for zobjobs partners

A. To apply you will need to create or take ownership of a company page &
 * be based within United States, Canada or the UK

A. These are pages that include company videos, images, logo, about us, jobs and reviews.

A. Like any review site it is normal for some users to vent their displeasure.
 * However, this is a great opportunity for the company to address any issues being highlighted
 * In fact there are more benefits from negative review than positive ones.

A. Only if the review violate any of our review terms & conditions
 * ie bad language

A. Responding to reviews is a feature for zobjob partners.

A. Users anonimity is our priority,
however if a review is highlighted by a company we will take action.

A. Simple
 * Ensure your are a registered user
 * Find the company via our company search page & click write a review.
 * If the company does not exist you can create one from the search page

A. Company pages are a great place for job seekers to start when researching your company
 * By simply keeping the information up to date &
 * responding to reviews you can create a great first impression
 * You can identify where your company weaknesses exist
 * Examine your competition and how well they are doing.

A. This is not a facility we offer as zobjobs want to create the best environment for job seekers
 * so it is important that a Company Page is available for research
 * However, You are able to highlight any information that you think is incorrect
 * & our team will look into it

A. Company pages are easy to share
 * Use one of the social media or share buttons to send a link to your staff

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